End of Life (EOL) for Twilio Authy Desktop app

That’s unfortunate. I use the desktop version and iphone version mainly because the two are easy to sychronize. Unfortunately, the desktop version is stopping. I have already run a search but can’t find a similar authenticator that can do the same thing. Does anyone have any suggestions for an iphone app and desktop version that can do the same thing? Thanks in advance for the information.

Maybe look at bitwarden and see if it fits your needs.

I have bitwarden but it does not have 2FA as far as I understand it.

It does have TOTP. When you go to create an entry it’s in the options. To be fair, from a security standpoint I personally wouldn’t have my 2FA on the same app as the rest of my username and passwords. Typically security is much stronger to separate the 2.

Yes better use two separate app. That’s what I also had Authy and bitwarden. So am looking for a replacement for Authy. Which has both a desktop version and an app for iphone that sync with each other. Very unfortunate that Authy is discontinuing the desktop version. But nothing is forever in life :slight_smile: Thanks for thinking with me.