Enable HTTPS access to the Netgear GS110TPv2 switch

So I have several Netgear GS110TPv2 switches on firmware I can access the management GUI over a http connection, in the interface there is an option to enable HTTPS.

When I try to enable the HTTPS option it simply fails.

Was wondering if anyone has been successful in enabling https on this model of switch ? This has worked easily on my GS748Tv5 switch.

I have seen on the web some solution stating this needs to be set before the switch has been configured, tried that and it failed.

You probably need to upload a certificate first.

I guess weak security is better than no security at all, but be advised that TLS v1 is not regarded as sufficiently secure anymore. Don’t rely on it if not in an already secure environment.


It got the grey cells working. Yes it looks like for this model you have to provide your own certs.

pfSense can act as a CA, so I’ll give that a shot.