Employee Time Clock?

I was looking into a good time clock program for my employees that is employee based and not project based. That can also handle scheduling.

I was looking into when I work and I appreciate its features but I was hoping for something similar that is self hosted.

I don’t use it, but we have a few clients using https://www.tsheets.com/ that really like it.

You could look at https://webtimeclock.com

Not sure how it handles projects

Check with your payroll company to see what they recommend. They may offer something or have some integrations that save you time by automating things.

I used https://www.timeclockwizard.com/ with great success. Nice reports, easy to make fixes when people forget to clock in or out. Mobile app made it nice for techs to log out for lunch when in the field. Employees have to submit time sheets for approval. Pricing is pretty reasonable.

I set one client up with TimeRecording Pro, then custom built them an nfc card system with cloud recording. The employee’s tap in and tap out at a central location or they don’t get paid. It’s a high end machine shop, so everyone is fairly captive and it keeps managing payroll easy.

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My supervisor deciced to go with When I work but we are looking into TimeTrex for the future.