Embedded PC Perfect for pfSense

So I have to say thank you to Tom from LTS. I’ve been following his videos for awhile, I did my first YouTube video and hoping to do more soon. I never appreciated how much work he puts in to the videos until I did my first, but I got the bug and will be doing more.

I have my own issues for [not] doing videos, but ty Tom, your advice is great and even though I am UK based its still relevant. Had an issue for awhile with the scar, this seemed to help.

So here is my very first YouTube video on assembling an APU2E4 system board from PC Engines, hope someone finds it helpful.

Again, thanks Tom for inspiration. These devices are really good, would love to see your evaluation of one.

That’s a great first video. As you get more comfortable in front of the camera it will get better over time.

If I may make a suggestion for your next video, when you assemble something position the camera on top or at least in front of you so your arms/hands don’t get in front of the camera.

I also use a APU4 for my pfSense. It’s been solid and take anything I throw at it (VLANs, VPN, etc).

Looking forward to your next video.


Thanks for the feedback, taken this into account :wink: The set up I had wasn’t ideal, since purchased a tripod for the second Camera and some longer cables so I can position the camera correctly.

APU boards are great, have quite a few of them out in the field and [so far] haven’t had any issues with them, seem to be rock solid.

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Think I am getting the bug :slight_smile:

Just added another on how to install pfSense on APU2 :slight_smile:


Like the videos! This PC Engines board certainly is an alternative to NetGate hardware, with a lot more power than the SG1100! You say you are selling a lot of them - what is the quality and reliability of their units like? Do they ever fail and need replacing?


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Out of around 30 devices we have had out over the couple of years haven’t had any fail as yet. We have them deployed for various applications including pfSense, Asterisk, and even small NAS units.

The fact the the rack chassis has room for two system boards for failover is great where they are deployed at the other end of the country.