Email Service Similar to StartMail But with Calendar Integration

I am looking for an email service that is similar to StartMail’s Custom Domain plan.

Features I like about StartMail:

  • Privacy-focused; never reads my emails
  • Unlimited aliases (great for a custom domain plan; I manage over 240 email aliases for my Google Workspace account using Google Groups.
  • Complies with EU’s GDPR
  • 10GB is great, but I’m willing to pay more as I keep my email archived in different folders

One of the reasons why I archive all my emails is so I can refer back to them whenever I need to. Does anyone remember CafePress? I have never been to their website yet I have been notified by CafePress a couple of months ago and I have never created an account. When I searched for CafePress in my Google Workspace email, I must have purchased items from Amazon and the seller was CafePress! And CafePress had my email address without me knowing that! That is why I have archived all of my emails to separate folders (emails from Amazon, transactions, New Egg, Pearson Vue, etc.). And that’s why I am willing to pay more for storage of emails.

The reason why I use multiple email addresses is so I can create disposable and permanent email addresses that I can filter in my main inbox. I don’t use any + addresses and catchall for my domain name. There are email services with calendar integration such as ProtonMail and Zoho, but their number of email aliases I can have for my domain name is limited such as 15 or 30, so being that privacy-focused that I am, having limited number of email addresses “per user” is a no-go for me. And I do not need “per-user” features as I am the only user/administrator of my domain name. By “per-user,” I meant that I do not need quota support.

Last, but not least I do not need cloud storage similar to Google Drive and OneDrive. Not even Office-like collaboration suites. All I want is unlimited email addresses for my domain name with calendar integration similar to Microsoft Exchange, but it does not have to be from Microsoft, so I am willing to keep an open mind here. As for calendar integration, that is important to me when I have been scheduled for Zoom meetings.

Any email services similar to StartMail with calendaring integration would be appreciated.

Update: Forgot to edit the title.

With no response to my thread about email services similar to StartMail, I am going to go with StartMail. I will miss the calendar integration (Google Workspace creates a new calendar event when receiving an .ics attachment through email such as for Zoom and Teams meeting), but that is fine for me. I can just have my own Nextcloud server in-house and have my smartphone connect to a VPN server using DDNS.

So, I’m good for now.