Email Secure Gateways

Soliciting input on ESG’s and do you use? If so, what vendor and why did you select them over the dozen or so options? Just curious to get your input as they all provide a filtering service and some offer awareness training. I know Mimecast, Ironscales, and proofpoint are highly rated. What about some of the others? SpamTitan, Barracuda, Microsoft? Would love to know your real world experience using the product you selected.


I looked at a few. Ended up going with Check Point Harmony Email & Collaboration Suite. We’ve used Mimecase, ProofPoint & EOP.

I really like ProofPoint, solid system. The hospital I work at is just to far invested in Check Point so we went this route at our renewal.

We use Mimecast for our clients, it works well but has a lot of options which can be a bit overwhelming.

I usually suggest Proofpoint to customers. I find it to be very good and their documentation is great.

Thank you for the input. I wonder why there is not much conversation around the MS Defender for Business since it is packaged in with Business Premium? User limitations or does the 3rd party ESG just perform better and have more features?

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While I don’t have personal experiences to draw from, I can provide insights into some of the commonly used ESG (Email Security Gateway) solutions based on industry knowledge and customer feedback.

  1. Mimecast: Mimecast is often praised for its comprehensive email security features, including protection against spam, malware, phishing, and data leaks. It offers advanced threat detection capabilities and email continuity services. Mimecast is known for its user-friendly interface and strong customer support.
  2. Ironscales: Ironscales specializes in email security with a focus on AI-powered phishing detection and response. It utilizes machine learning algorithms to identify and mitigate phishing attacks in real-time. Ironscales is appreciated for its effectiveness in combating evolving email threats and its integration with existing security infrastructure.
  3. Proofpoint: Proofpoint is recognized for its advanced threat protection capabilities, including email security, data loss prevention (DLP), and email encryption. It offers granular controls for email filtering and blocking malicious content. Proofpoint is often chosen for its comprehensive security suite and scalability.
  4. SpamTitan: SpamTitan is an email security solution known for its effectiveness in blocking spam, viruses, and phishing emails. It offers features such as content filtering, anti-virus scanning, and outbound email scanning. SpamTitan is popular among SMBs for its affordability and ease of use.
  5. Barracuda: Barracuda provides a range of security solutions, including email security appliances and cloud-based email protection services. It offers features like spam filtering, anti-phishing, and email encryption. Barracuda is valued for its reliability and seamless integration with existing email systems.
  6. Microsoft Defender for Office 365 (formerly Office 365 Advanced Threat Protection): Microsoft’s email security solution is tightly integrated with Office 365 and provides protection against email-based threats such as phishing, malware, and spoofing attacks. It offers features like Safe Links, Safe Attachments, and anti-phishing policies. Organizations already using Office 365 often choose Microsoft Defender for its native integration and centralized management.

When selecting an ESG vendor, factors to consider include the specific security needs of your organization, ease of integration with existing infrastructure, scalability, cost-effectiveness, and quality of support services. It’s also valuable to review independent evaluations and customer reviews to assess the effectiveness and reliability of each solution.
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