Elgato Stream Deck with Linux?

Watched the YT video showing the Elgato Stream Deck controller and it looked like it was running with Tom’s Linux laptop. When I look at the Elgato website it show the Stream Deck requires Mac or Windows. How did you get it to work in Linux? Or am I missing something about how the product works. Thanks.

It would be nice if there was proper Linux support, but Unfortunately we had to setup a Windows Studio computer to control the input feeds.

Thanks Tom - I think I understand. You have a Windows PC that’s handling the input feeds and OBS and then you’re viewing the Windows PC on your Linux laptop? Have I got that right?

Maybe you could do a YT video on how the Stream Deck integrates into your studio set up?

I’ve watched the ones where you explain the cameras and mics - but I guess the studio is an ever changing/improving area.

Thank you for all your videos and sharing of knowledge.

We are about to completely remodel the studio so there will be some updated videos coming soon. But the short answer is the studio computer takes in all the feeds from cameras and my laptop via Avermedia USB capture devices and composites them in OBS to one file or live stream.

Looking forward to the videos on the studio remodel.