Electronic Job Sheets/Electronic Proof of Delivery

I’m trying to find an electronic/mobile solution to replace the physical paper my company uses for Job Sheets/Delivery Sheets. We currently have these huge books, which we document what work was carried out/or item delivered, and have the customer sign-off on that. I would like to move from the book to maybe a mobile app which can carry this out. Do you guys have any suggestions?

We don’t use a sign off sheet for our jobs but a number of our clients are using https://www.tsheets.com/ to track their on site work.

Interesting. Checked it out, however it does not have a few of the key features i’m looking for. Strange enough, I thought the options for such a solution would be plentiful, however it seems very few.

I think there is a lack of options due to lack of market demand. Outside of the logistics industry, I never really see this done. We don’t have our staff do it and none of the other service companies I work with do it either.

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