Effective Marketing when just starting out


I’m curious when starting out besides facebook or google what are other effective means of generating business. The problem i have is I have a nicely sized client which pays the bills. But I have no website, no marketing being done so no new prospects coming in. What works and what doesn’t?

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Business is very much about who you know so get to know people. Find local business events such as chambers of commerce, business networking groups, etc… and get out and meet people.

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Implement a referral program where you incentivize existing clients or contacts to refer new business to you. While it may not be as effective as referrals or inbound leads, reaching out to potential clients directly via email, phone, or social media can still yield results. You can also form partnerships with complementary businesses or service providers that target a similar audience

The first thing (and the last one) is a trust.
That’s for any kind of business. If you succeed to build one, you don’t need a website or youtube or anything.
Your aim should be the trust, all others is missdirection.

Yea your all right, I’m going to really try to push myself to engage more lets see how this goes. But like right now I dont even have a website… As funny as it sounds like where I’m at I didn’t need it , extra expense, but I feel now if I’m actively going to potientals and selling the business I HAVE TO ATLEAST HAVE A WEBSITE lol right? So I wanted to wait and drop into everything at once. I did join some local networking groups that are getting ready to come up as well so lets see how this rolls!..

You have to be searchable. You absolutely need a website, even if just so referrals can check you out. These days I won’t hire a landscaper, mechanic, etc. if they don’t have a website. Plus if you are in the IT services space, the website can act as part of your “portfolio”. I mean if you can’t manage and maintain a website, why would I trust you to manage my IT? Some people will think that way.