Edgeswitch Intervlan routing (I think that's what it's called)

I’m attempting to replace a client’s aging hp/aruba switches with edgeswitches. They’ve been having general slowness across the network, so I figured replacing their 48 port POE switches with 48 port edgeswitches with 10gbe uplinks, and putting a 10 gbe card in their DC (where all the job files are stored) would do a lot of help.

The corp network is on say VLAN1, their gateway for the network is, it’s some proprietary thing they don’t have access to, corporate many states over remotes in and makes any changes they need, on site people can reboot it and that’s it, their DC is the DHCP server for this network. VLAN2 is for the phone network, the mitel PBX does DHCP for this network, and there is no gateway.
I put the edgeswitches in, configured the trunk ports between the switches and to the firewall, Untagged VLAN1 on most ports, tagged VLAN2 on most ports, the phones correctly put themselves on VLAN2, get an IP on the correct subnet, and hand off VLAN1 to the PCs on the passthrough port, and those PCs are on the correct subnet, PCs have access to everything, no issues there. I untagged VLAN2 on the uplink to the Mitel PBX, I am able to ping it, phones are able to register, internal calls work, except…the Mitel cannot access it’s gateway at After hours of hairpulling and checking wiring and IP scans, we had a conference call between the company managing the network, and the company that manages the phone system and myself and the IT guy on site, it was revealed that (bear with me, I am sure I’m not using the right terminology here, this is where it’s over my head) the switch itself has IP address configured on it, and any traffic sent to that IP address is automatically forwarded to the gateway for the network. I’ve searched and searched and I can’t find out how to do this on an edgeswitch. I don’t know if it’s not possible, or if I’m being thick headed.
https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/115002359547--EdgeSwitch-How-to-Enable-Routing-Mode is the only related guide I could find, so in my scenario here at the office I’m trying to accomplish the same sort of thing. Here’s my scenario and what I typed into the console:
VLAN1 is configured in pfSense, is the DHCP server and gateway
VLAN 2 is configured in pfSense on VLAN2, IP address configured in pfSense and DHCP.
I tried to make it so is configured in the switch and forwards to as follows:

vlan database 
 vlan 2
 vlan routing 2


interface 0/1
 description phoneserver
 vlan participation include 2

interface 0/1
 description uplink
 ip address

interface vlan 2
 ip address

ip routing
ip route

and I get “The specified static route next op router address can’t be in the same subnet as the service/network port.”
What am I doing wrong? Is this functionality even possible on an edgeswitch? Is Finkle really Einhorn?

I have never tried using the layer three functions of an Edgeswitch.

Do you have a copy of the “sh run” from the HP switch? It might help.

I don’t have any first hand experiance with the ES range but having the default gw set on the switch, intervlan routing and an IP address on both of your subnets should be all that it needs

I recognize this is an old post… however, if you want to have the edgeswitch perform routing, each vlan needs to have it’s own virtual interface which would be the gateway for the subnet. If you are providing a different gateway within DHCP, that is the device that would be routing between subnets. If the pfsense box is the default gateway for the different subnets, it is performing the routing between subnets.

By assigning virtual interfaces, the edgeswitch will create static routes for each interface and subnet, then you can define a static route of to your upstream device. Do remember that you’ll need to provide static routes in the upstream device to send traffic back to the edgeswitch for routing to the subnets. The PF Sense device may be creating intervlan routes as well, not sure how all that will pan out by trying to assign additional static routes back to the edgeswitch.