EdgerouterX troughput advice

Hi All,

I have EdgerouterX at home which is updated to firmware v. 1.10.11 (latest from 1.X.X. standpoint). There is no heavy traffic on it, just some home IPTV streaming, few regular internet surfing devices (phone/laptops). And some rarely used services accessed from the “internet”/outside on some dedicated ports.

I updated my ISP line from full-duplex copper 100/100mbit to optical 500/300Mbps.
I have 500down/300up Mbps at my ISP Optical Network Terminal (Nokia all in one ONT).

On the EdgerouterX side I have 300Mbps down and 250Mbps up. The EdgerouterX is connected directly behind the ISP ONT.
Hardware offloading was enabled and device was rebooted:
“set system offload hwnat enable”
I believe this is related to my additional configuration on it.
-I removed my traffic sharper QoS service but still no significant improvement.
-I also have 3x Vlans LAN/WAN/Service which I believe cap out the weak CPU on that device.
-I have few port forwarding rules for services (home cameras, wp-site and some other small services running on the Service VLAN.
-I have Firewall rules blocking and isolating some device from the rest of the network
-I have l2tp VPN service

On the Nokia ONT I did some config which should be irrelevant to affect the EdgerouterX :
-I configured on it some direct port forwarding and I’m still using my EdgerouterX as main router.
-The ONT hold 1static IPv4 provided by my ISP for my service.

My main question. Are those VLANS to big struggle for that device? What is the next step in the unifi edge class that can handle this load described above?

Thanks in advice!

update1: I might need a Router with hardware vlan offload? Also I checked all cables with per-tested gigabit Cat6a 10cm (short patch cables) so its not a cable issues.
update2: After removing the vlan config I was able to go full 500Mbps so it seems the VLAN routing between different VLANS and the GW cape out the CPU of the EdgerouterX. Will accept any suggestions for the next “step” (router from unifi) in this segment. Thanks

Since you have hardware offload enabled, cpu is not used for vlans and QoS is inactive. Your device can handle up to 800-900mbps. How do you test your speed? If you see 300Mbps on edgerouter’s gui, then your isp gives you that speed and it is not router’s fault.
Also, you can upgrate to v2.0.9-hotfix.2 which is stable.

Hi @Spectre
Thank you for your reply.

The test is done via iperf3 between iperf3 server (NUC with gigabit NIC) in the ONT segment and an iperf3 client (laptop) on the LAN segment on the EdgerouterX (not the EdgerouterX itself as client).

I don’t think the IC on my edgerotuerX has any hardware offloading for vlans:

@van-edgerouterX# set system offload ipv4 vlan enable 
Error: platform does not support IPv4 vlan offload

Also after removing my VLAN’S config for a test purposes and switching back to flat network in single segment the bottleneck was gone and I have full iperf3 speed now from my test case above - ~900Mpbs. Also doing some speedtest via speedtest.net caps out the ISP specs ~500/300 from my contract.

update1: On the other hand might be some configuration issue I had with my VLANS. Will need to look-into this.

If I remember correct the er-x has hardware offload. But you may need the 2.x firmware.