EdgeRouter X, pfSense, VLAN

I’m having a heck of a time setting up an EdgeRouter X (as a managed switch) with my pfSense box. From Tom’s videos I’m sure I have a VLAN32 interface (and DNS server in my pfSense box but I’m having trouble with my EdgeRouter X (running EdgeRouter X v2.0.9-hotfix.2).

I’d like to have the following connections:
pfSense firewall → eth0
Household LAN → eth1
IOT device → eth2 (VLAN 32)

When I attempt to set up eth2 as VLAN32:
Dashboard > Add Interface > Add VLAN
VLAN ID: 32, Interface: switch0, IP address
(I’ve set the DHCP Server up in my pfSense box subnet, range -

Dashboard > switch0 > Actions > Config > VLAN
VLAN Aware: Enabled
eth2 pvid: 10

I was hoping this would isolate interface eth2 as VLAN32 and give the other interfaces (eth1, eth3, eth4) access to the internet and each other through eth0. I have a VLAN32 interface set up in my pfSense router and I’ve also set up a rule to allow VLAN32 to the internet (WAN) and a rule to block VLAN32 from my LAN.

When I do the above I loose internet all all my device so I’m obviously doing something wrong.

From what I see you are using the same lan addresses as the vlan is using or am I missing something. More data. What rules do you have set and in what order?