EdgeRouter X Dual Router Failover on Same Network

Dear Forum Members,

I have two routers setup on my LAN with IPs and One is Untangle and the other is pfSense.

My end goal is to have a failover setup so that I can use the Untangle as the default router to reach the internet and if the router fails (maintenance, reboot, hardware failure, etc), then the LAN uses the pfSense router until the Untangle comes back online. See attached screenshot.

I have an EdgeRouter X and was wondering what is the best approach to accomplish this. I reviewed many other tutorials online (including the one posted by Ubiquiti), but most of the tutorials are with WAN IPs on different subnets.

What is the best way to accomplish this?

Thanks in advance!


You can setup the Edge router for that here https://help.ui.com/hc/en-us/articles/205145990-EdgeRouter-WAN-Load-Balancing

Thank you Tom!

Will the failover-only portion work with the two routers on the same subnet? I appreciate your response.

No (I misses that in your setup) there needs to be a different subnet behind Edgerouter.


I went with two Untangle devices using VRRP. It was the only option to suite my requirement.