Edgerouter and unifi nanoHD QoS

I want to setup QoS should I just do it on the Edgerouter 12 or do I need to also do it on the nanoHD?

I don’t have a cloud key or would not be running any software on a dedicated PC for the unifi nanoHD.

What is my option would this work just fine?

This is what my network would look.
ISP modem, Edgerouter 12, nanoHD to Edgerouter, then long Ethernet from Edgerouter to unmanageable switch to location B and then a possible second nanoHD connected to this unmanageable switch.


You just need it done in the EdgeRouter as the QoS is meant to keep the packets flowing between your network and the internet. For home, there is generally not a need to traffic shape as there are not enough devices connected to cause traffic congestion.

Ubiquiti make it confusing mentioning QoS for the AP.

Follow up,
Is there a pro cons to have the AP connected to the Unifi Network App vs the temporary controller I used to set it up on my PC.

The PC is not On 24/7 only rarely when I use it only. As most of the time I use the iPad.

As I tried to use the Unifi App but say the AP is connected to the controller.

I might get a second AP this week.

The AP’s will work when are not connected to the controller but they won’t gather any statistics.


So is pretty much just for statistics.
Then I guess I really don’t need it at this point I’m not tracking anything.