Edgerouter 4 vpn options

Hi everyone
I have a edgerouter successfully configured as the main router/firewall for my home network.

I have been talking to my sister’s fiancé as we share dvd and blu rays and I suggested setting up a VPN on the edgerouter for my sister fiancé to connect to my media server.

I have had a Google and a look on YouTube and I’m not sure what options to go for.

L2tp server VPN,
Openvpn or
Pptp server VPN.

I’m going to add a second nic to the server so I can have a separate subnet the vpn client can connect to.

Would love to hear some advice from people who have done this.

There might be other option and use wireguard or tailscale for ease of use. But if you are wanting to use your router for the tunnel then my choice would be OpenVPN. I like the security it brings to the table with user certificates, server certificates, username and password.

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Thank you for your recommendation I will have a research before trying it.

tried this couldnt get it to connect nothing is hitting the Firewall rule and its timing out.

followed this Secure Home Network: Add Remote-Access VPN to EdgeRouter

could anyone give me some advice.

Tried L2TP VPN and for some reason I can’t connect to it. I looked at the firewall rules and there is no packets registered as accepted. I’m wondering whether the ISP is blocking something.