Ebay port scanning YouTube video?

Just watched the video and trying to anticipate where the discussion will land…

What did you use for that meeting? I’m guessing Jitsi or Skype with NDI in OBS. No way was that a Teams meeting, video was too good.

I did that using Zoom. For all the hate people have with Zoom, the product works so much better than all the other ones. And yes I have discussed all the issues with the product.

It looked really good, not like any of the other Zoom meetings I’ve had. Even the paid personal accounts don’t look that good.

We all have quality equipment as we all record a lot of content.

That probably helps. I have noticed that if a single person has a poor device or poor connection, the rest of the stream goes bad quickly.

I’m still going to try to put up a Jitsu server at work for that interviews in our news class. Hoping I can beg some money for a more powerful server for Guacamole and Jitsu on the same machine.