DVR Software Recomendations

Can anyone recommend a good DVR software to record 2 Wyze outdoor cameras. Something
that supports RTSP, Motion Sensing, Open Source or Free, and can be virtualized?

I hear Blue Iris is good but I was hoping there was a something free out there that is just as good


From my perspective, I use and love the simplicity of Blue Iris (Have multiple sites using it in the Caribbean), not that expensive in the larger scheme of things. That being said, you should check out ZoneMinder ( as it’s Open Source, has a lot of inbuilt functionality and can happily perform the tasks that you are looking for. I did set it up and evaluate it and it was fairly simplistic and easy to get working - physically or virtually.

I used bluecherry for years but have been disappointed with their growth with new features. I deployed shinobi for one person to evaluate how that goes but honestly I haven’t spent enough time on it to give an opinion.