DVR/NVR for home use

I’m currently looking for any recommendations for a good NVR solution for a home or small business with roughly 6-8 cameras. Currently I have a single Ubiquiti G3 Flex connected to a Unify Video install on a VM running Ubuntu that works but I’ve run into some issues with(related to the esxi host and not the software). Was thinking of either getting Protect or moving to a Synology based NVR (not sure which cameras would be a good fit in this setup). Any suggestions would be appreciated.

The Synology works great with a lot of different cameras but lately we have been installing them with the Reolink and Amcrest which have worked out really well.

We have links to them here.

Thanks for the advice and the link. Had thought about that unit and a pair of decent size drives. Will try to map it all out and see what fits the budget.

Would you stay away from the Ubiquiti equipment and Protect? The Reolink equipment looks good so not ruling it out just curious about what I already have.

Do any of the cameras you have linked provide audio? Was thinking of using the Reolinks but Amazon links suggests they do but some reviews say they don’t.