Dual WAN with XG-7100

I have two separate and I’m trying to figure out how to configure dual WAN on my XG-7100. I already tried and it did not work. I’ve done this in the past on a desktop pc with 2 wan + 1 Lan interfaces. I’ve managed to setup couple of vlans and all worked great without issue.

Appreciate assistance.

You have to create another trunk port and change one of the ports on the 8 port part of the switch over another WAN port.
The defaults are


So you could make WAN2 VLAN 4889 and then untag a port for the 4091 and change it to the new WAN.

I did that and did’n work . I created vlan 4092 assigned port memebers 2,9t,10t , removed port 2 from vlan 4091. See configs below