Dual WAN with FQ_Codel Limiter

Hi All,
Ive currently got a Dual WAN Setup With pfSense with the following:
WAN 1: 35/6
WAN 2: 25/6
Following the How To Solve pfsense Bufferbloat With A CodelQ / FQ_Codel Limiter in 2.4.4 Video im unable to gather what setting to use.
My Current set up at the moment is:
LAN goes through WAN 1
Wireless goes through WAN 2
Selected Devices through Both. Utilzing the Gateway option in the firewall rules.
This set up seems to buffer all the time in relation to Youtube videos etc.
No Matter if i set up traffic shaping with the wizard or not i still cant get it to stop buffering.
Can anyone help me set up the Limiters to Utilize Full Bandthwidth on certain devices?