Dual wan setup help

Hello everyone. I’m stuck and i need help. I have had AT&T internet for a while (its slow but its the only thing offered in my area), however i just got star link (its faster but not as reliable). For now im keeping both until starlink becomes more reliable. So here is the problem.

Wan1: i can plug either ISP in there and it works just fine, i have full internet access.

Wan2: i can plug either ISP in there and it never works.

I have watched toms video on pfsense dual WAN about 50 times along with many other and i never can seem to get this to work. Im vertain im missing something small but for the life of me i cant figure out what it is.

Help me please (i can do a gotomeeting or adobe connect soyou can see my screen)

I would try to route all Voip calls and gaming etc through the AT&T line, which is slower but with lower latency and it is more reliable. Then route other traffic like http, software updates and video straming through star link.

I have a plan on bow i am going to route data…however i first must get the second wan up and running which is what i need help with

Since you have already watched the video perhaps it might help reading through the docs here Multiple WAN Connections | pfSense Documentation

Then to get certain traffic to go out each connection:

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Tom, I’ve read through all that already. Ive been working on this for 3 days and final figured i needed to ask for help because I’m not getting it. And I’ve watch enough of your videos to know that your forums are a great place to start.

Shaun Brock

I figured I would try to be a little more helpful since I am asking for help and give some screen shots.

It never changes from Pending, it just stays that way forever. And from here I am stuck. I have set up group gateways and then unplugged WAN1 to see if that would push it over and force it to connect, it doesn’t.

The strange part is its not the internet connection, because which ever ISP I plug into WAN 1 works, but neither of them will work as WAN2.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.

Shaun Brock

Okay, even though I didn’t get a whole lot form people here I wanted to let you know I figured it out. And if anyone is curious I am doing a big face palm right now…
Turns out I selected the wrong network port and I fill incredible stupid right now. Now on to changing the routing around so I can have certain devices use certain WANS

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No, never feel stupid. This how we learn, collectively or by trial an error.
We all been there and done the same once or twice.
Good luck