Dual pfsense with fiber bridge

I am running into an issue when creating vlans at my two sites. At site A, I have created vlans for the different departments we have. I have created the rules that allow dhcp to provide ip addresses for the site A networks/vlans. This is working fine. My problem is that I cannot communicate with site B via these new vlans. I have rules in place that allow the vlans to communicate with both the existing LAN, as well as the Bridge to site B. What rule am I missing that would allow the Site A vlans to communicate with the Site B LAN?

How are the two sites connected ?

Site to SIte VPN - if so, what vpn client

They are connected with a Charter dedicated fiber bridge. Site A Lan /18 with Opt 1 connecting the bridge with Site B is /18 with Opt 1 connecting the bridge with

Perhaps look at creating a static route or it sounds like you need to have a NAT rule to get to the other site.

Thank you for the response. I’m not very familiar with NAT. What would that rule look like?

You may have to contact Charter, so they can change the bridge setup to allow the vlan traffic down the fibre link.

Currently only, is allowed thru the transit network

Thank you for that information. I will look into it and post my findings.

Does anyone recommend changing my settings and using an IPSEC connection or other type of VPN to connect the two sites? Looking for any recommendations.