Dual fttc bonding/load balancing

hi guys, i’m new here.
first of all i want ot say hello and thanks for the content and the help.
my name is andrea , i’m 25 and form italy. we do not have ftth in most place so i want to bond together 2 fttc connection(around 100mb up/20 down) so i can have a much more reliable connection(i know i can’t add the 2 fopr have a 200 mb) but i want ot have a little bit of increase and stability in case of failure.
i currently have a tp link router that support multi wan (tplink tl er6020) .
my question is: my idea can “fly”? or is only a dream?
second, wat i have to do in case the idea work? i know i have to put my modems into bridge mode and use pppoe passthrough. i currently have a fritzbox 7590 as modem for connetction one. and a isp provided for the second one. i currently have 5 pc and 3 poe camera and 2 access point.
if you guys can give me some advice on the topic i’ll be gratefull .
thanks for the time
have a nice day and stay safe

To actually aggregate the speed of two connections you would need an SDWAN type solution which is a bit more complex as it requires a service provider to encapsulate the data split it across both connections and then reassemble it on their end allowing you to aggregate the bandwidth. Without that most equipment just load balances between the two connections.

thanks Tom. i understand, so is only an isp thing? :frowning: beacuse in italy isp are not the most clear thing . so in my scenario i can only loadbalance the two without aggregate them, right?
i’m new to the network world.
ps: when i ask my isp to bond togheter 2 connection the didn’t know what i talk about…
i will research about sdwan ! thanks for your time

The front line support people at the ISP are not likely to know and it’s not a service offered by all ISP’s.

ok, you make my idea a little bit clear. i’ll try to speak with someone in the tech support. in the case mine do not offered this kind of service i will do a simple load balance.
have you some advice for me to do it right?

It’s fairly straight forward if you are using pfsesne, not sure about TP Link

I am planning to Build a pfsense machine in the near future. I Will follow One of your guide :slight_smile: . For now i Say thank!
Take care

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