Dual DHCP Issue with pfSense and Unfi?

I’m updating my home setup with an XG-7100 that’s coming to take the place of my UDMP. UDMP for now will only be a controller for the switches and APs. Example of that setup attached (VLAN count has been reduced) I plan to work my way into pfSense so it will likely a single uplink to the AGG switch.

I’ve watched a couple of Tom’s videos with pfSense and Unifi and noticed that both systems will have an overlapping network with DHCP enabled for the native network. Isn’t that going to be a problem with two DHCP servers?

5:17 mark you see the network setup in pfSense
11:43 mark you can see it also setup in Unifi.

Now I’m wondering if DHCP Mode on the unifi controller is set to none. :frowning: Forgot you can define a subnet and not have DHCP enabled.

You should only have one DCHP sever per subnet.