Dropbox alternative or own cloud service?

I have a client who has several computers and heavily uses Dropbox. Now, a few years ago I managed to build from scraps a server using a computer who was on its route to the trash bin.
Installed Ubuntu on it and set up OwnCloud as secondary back ups for the files.
Years passed and by now client asked me if there is something better and reliable as Dropbox, but does not want to spend too much money.
Well, doesn’t have to be on-site solution, just wanted to know what software solution can be a candidate.

Seems like the obvious solution to me either FreeNAS or Synology. Both are amazingly reliable and have a ton of features.

Both I believe can also be connected with Backblaze as well.

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You could use backblaze or similar to off-site the files

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You could use Syncthing + FreeNAS box.

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A lot of people in my space are using egnyte for dropbox alternative just adding it to the list. I believe it’s straight forward and a good deal on pricing for file sharing.

For MSPs an option could be to look into the Anchor product and see if it fits what people want/need as end users.

Google drive as a G-Suite user would be the other best bet if they are not a O365 User with OneDrive available.

I found that Dropbox admin was always a pain in the neck but depends on your user case.

SharePoint is even more of a challenge as its not as easy to have it on different OS(s) or an issue of EU education on proper use as Microsoft can be difficult for some.

“but does not want to spend too much money.”

I hate hearing this in the same sentance as “I want X upgrade”.

I’ve learnt to ask the client their budget & what they think they want to do / want covered / enabled, before I spend 1min looking at a possible solution.

Another way to get info, is to look at what the current solutions lacks that the client needs, lets say there is a zeroday that you want to mitigate + the current unit is X years old.