Drop Ceiling TV Mount

@LTS_Tom or anyone else reading;

I am bidding a take over of a Security Camera job for a large deli. The customer is hellbent on having a large flat screen come out of the suspended / drop ceiling to view the cameras. I usually choose wall mount TV’s, but I don’t think he’s willing to budge.

Can anyone recommend a good setup for this? I have no idea what is above the drop ceiling in terms of metal or wooden studs, but either way, I will make something work.


As you mentioned about not being able to see what you can secure to I would also say it would also really depend on the size and weight of the screen. Depending on that and what is available to mount/secure the bracket to, you can look at Peerless, Chief, or premier mounts are all companies that should have options for suspended ceiling mounts.

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Thank you! My local supplier transferred my favorite counter guy who had all the answers, and who they have now is clueless.

Normally I would go out to do a look around with the work truck, but a friend of mine was in this deli today and called me up to come to look with the owner. I was in the BMW 530i going to do a network repair for a customer that didn’t require the work truck.

Get up in the ceiling before you make any promises!

Regardless of what you use it will need to be secured to something and as @snooopanda2168 said, that will depend on the weight of the TV and bracket but it’s unlikely that you will be able to take the weight just on the runners from the dropped ceiling.

If there is a 4m void between the tiles and the actual ceiling then you have a bit of construction to do.

Worth looking for poles that will take the cables through them though as that makes everything look much tidier. Might be worth putting a power connector (C13/14 maybe) at the TV end of the pole in case the TV has an integrated power flex, makes it easier to mount / dismount (check local rules on power connectors) and you can then adapt from that to whatever the TV needs.