Dream Machine Pro Advanced WAN options

Posted this over on the Unifi forum and have not gotten any response. Hopefully someone here may have some experience with this.

I don’t have one yet so not sure what the options are. Looking at this as a possible replacement at a client site. Currently has one WAN, via Rogers, with a static IP. They are getting Starlink and want that to be primary WAN and Rogers secondary, redundant. I know the UDMP should be able to support that without issue.

Question is, can traffic still come in and be routed through the secondary WAN? They have a static IP on the Rogers link for accessing camera’s onsite. So with the UDMP, Starlink as primary WAN (all outbound traffic uses it), Rogers as backup, would it still allow inbound traffic on the Rogers WAN link even when it’s a secondary link?

I have this type of setup at another location working fine with Sophos, both interfaces are primary links, but I set WAN1 at 100% weight, WAN 2 to 0% so all outbound traffic uses WAN1 except when it fails, but the Sophos still allows and process traffic inbound on WAN2.


Not sure how well it will work because we don’t use UniFi routing equipment. They don’t give many options in the way of fine tuning.

Thanks Tom! Other than a bunch of unboxings and general reviews, there doesn’t seem to be a lot in depth info on the units.
Good news, I’ve ordered one for myself to actually test this to see if it will work. Should be in near end of the week. I’ll report back my findings on this.

I agree with you based on what I’ve seen of the UniFi config (disclaimer, I do not currently own nor have I used Ubiquiti products as of yet.). I’m curious as to what switching/routing equipment you’re using. I’m considering the Cisco CBS 250 line myself for switching and routing within the home lab, and I already have Netgear Orbi access points that work well in my current network.

Right now, for smaller clients, Linksys and such. Myself, I use Sophos XG Home, as we also use Sophos at work, so quite familiar with it.

To update, this does indeed work.

I setup the UDM Pro with the WAN links. In the “Advanced Features” → “Advanced Gateway Settings” and then “Port Forwarding” I created a new port forward. It has the options for WAN, WAN2 and Both.

When setup with the option of Both, and WAN was active, so WAN2 in failover, I was able to FTP through both wan links to the FTP server I had on the LAN. Didn’t matter if WAN or WAN2 was active, both worked.

When I updated it to WAN2 only and WAN was primary, traffic would forwarded via WAN2 but not via WAN. Works as you’d expect. When WAN failed and WAN2 active, still works.

When I updated it to WAN only and WAN was primary, traffic would forward over WAN and not over WAN2. When I did a failover, so WAN2 now active, it would still not forward traffic over WAN2.

UDM Pro - 1.8.6
Network - 6.0.43

So some good news. Hopefully 1.9 doesn’t break it. :slight_smile: