Draytek, Netgear, Unifi: Can't connect / ping the router

I have the following problem.

  • Router Draytek
  • Switch (Netgear) in the server room
  • Switch (Netgear) in the meeting room
  • Unifi USW-8-60W on Netgear switch in meeting room
  • 2 Nano HD, a Cloudkey and a 2nd router ( for the Guest WiFi (Vlan 3) on the USW-8-60W.

We want to move the whole network to Unifi, but not right now.

The following networks are set up in the Cloudkey
Management: and Guests: (Vlan 3)

DHCP for both is off

There are 3 WLANs
Employees (on the Network: Management)
Guests and Seminar (on the Network: Guests)

The Guest and Seminar Wlan work without problems.

There are only problems with the Management Network/Wlan. I can’t ping the gateway. So you can’t get to the internet.
I can ping from to but not
When i’m in the Netgear switch everything works.
If i restart the USW-8-60W, i can ping the gateway for a short time until the USW-8-60W has fully booted.
After that it’s over.

I have already reset the switch. The ping works without configuration.
After he is provisioned, it also works. Not anymore after a restart.

I’m getting a little desperate.

greeting from Germany

Could be anything.

However, I know with my Netgear switches the first couple of vlans are reserved, I’ve started mine at 10 and higher. Perhaps this might be affecting your setup.

If it is working without the UniFi being configured then you most likely don’t have the VLAN’s defined properly in that system or maybe they are not defined properly in the Netgrear.

thank you for the answers.

There are no VLANs in the normal network. Only the Unifi Switch makes an extra VLan 3 for the guests. We only use the Netgear network for Internet and WiFi in the standard IP range (

The Unifi switch is the only one that has VLan 3.
A router is connected to port 4, which provides the Internet for the guests. At port 4 only this VLAN is active. Unfortunately, I can’t set this on the router.
Port 1 from the switch has the uplink from the Netgear switch.
Port 2 and 3 are free. Port 5 is the cloud key. Port 6 and 7 are two Nano HD. All ports except port 4 are set for all networks. The WiFi for the guests works perfectly. The user gets an IP from the 2nd router and has internet. When I connect to port 2 or 3, I get an IP from the server, but I can’t access the internet because the address doesn’t exist.



if you don’t define the VLAN’s on the Netgear switches they might not pass the VLAN traffic.

Hello Tom,
thanks for the information.

The normal network in the Unifi Switch does not have a VLAN. It is the same as the normal network coming from the Netgear switch. It’s like an extension of the network.

We just want to use the wifi.

Since the Netgear switches have no POE and the Netgear WiFi controller is far too expensive, we decided on Unifi.

The VLAN 3 is the only set up on the Unifi switch and can only be processed by this switch. Port 4 is directly tagged with VLan 3 and is used by the 2nd router. That means everything that logs into the guest WLAN (VLan 3) gets an IP from this router.

The employee WiFi has no VLAN, it gets an IP from the normal network. That works also. Unfortunately, the gateway is hidden there. As if the network stops at 253. I have already set the ports to the normal network, without a guest network. Unfortunately without success.


Yeah, pretty sure Tom’s sending you in the right direction, to have a re-look at your VLANs on all the switches. Cross-brand VLAN configs can sometimes be a pain, they all have different terminology and quirks.

And like Neogrid said, some older Netgear switches came pre-configured with VLANs 2 & 3 for Auto-VoIP and Auto-Video respectively (and of those a few models could not delete/modify these). Newer models seem to use higher tags, such as 4088 for Auto-VoIP, and allow you to change or delete them if necessary.

Assuming the Netgears are all default, so all ports Untagged Native/PVID members of VLAN-1, and possibly with an Auto-Video on VLAN-3, I would change your Guest VLAN to some higher ID, say 30.

Then on your Unifi Controller you’ll have two Networks:

  • LAN
    • Type: Corporate
    • Subnet:
    • Type: VLAN Only
    • VLAN: 30

And Switch Port Profiles:

  • ALL
    • Native net: LAN
    • Tagged nets: Select All
    • Native net: GUEST
    • Tagged nets: none

Then on the USW-8-60W, only port 4 should be on the GUEST profile, all the other ports on ALL.