Draytek and mikrotik Vlans

hi guys,
New around here.

well i had a question and i hoped you could help me.

Well here it goes.

My client’s ISP doesn’t let me change the IP adresses or turn DHCP off and i wanted to use Vlans to have multiple subnets, wich they do not do either.
So i used a Draytek router to create the Vlans and route them.

Thing is, the LAN1 IP from the draytek is the same as the one from the ISP wich is 192.168.1.x
so i turned the LAN1 DHCP on the draytek off and set the WAN port to full bridge mode so that the draytek routes the IPs from the ISP router, and that’s okay i got internet and access to the computers on 192.168.1.x.

After this i created a Vlan20 on LAN2, a Vlan0 on LAN1 and a Vlan1 on LAN1 all of them in port 1 of the draytek router.

So far so good, The MikroTik Switch can detect the Vlan1 and all the ports on Vlan1 work just fine.

My problem is with Vlan20. when i assign a port to Vlan20 it doesnt work.

I did a test first before seting everything up on site and it worked just fine.
Only difference was that my router was on 192.168.0.x
so i left the DHCP on the dratytek for 192.168.1.x on.

did i miss anything, am i configuring anything wrong on the draytek?

Thanks guys.

Can you give more info? Who is the ISP and what type of Router or device (Gateway/Router/Modem/ONT etc?) is in front of your Drytek router? When you say the ISP is handing out a 192.168.2.x address that is a private IP address. That sounds like (to me) it is the ISP’s device or whatever is in front of the Draytek router that is handing out that 192.168.1.x address to your Draytek router. In many cases, you can ditch the ISP’s “Router” and set up your own. Just let your router handle the WAN address you get via DHCP direct from the ISP. Having the addresses coming from the ISP’s device set to the same subnet as tour LAN Subnet set on your router is an issue.

Im in Portugal the ISP is MEO it uses a Technicolor Vac v2 with a proprietary ONT, but they have this internet service wich they call GlobalConnect, and the router isn’t managed like the convencvional ones. So i can’t remove it completly like i would with any other service, since everything would stop working and wouldn’t comunicate cause of the protocols that MEO uses for this case.

I turned the DHCP on the Draytek LAN1 subnet off and it’s working okay for that subnet.

my only problem is with the other Subnets LAN2 etc.
Should i try and turn DHCP off for the other subnets too?

thanks for the reply.