Downtime and Sync Speed tracker

Hi all,

I am having some dramas with my Telco and I would like to track my sync speeds (or close enough to) as well as my drop outs so that I can produce evidence of my claims to them.

I am running pfSense and pihole (for my DNS and DHCP) as VMs.

Are there any plugins for these that will track sync speeds and dropouts or do I need another application or VM?

P.S Apologies if I seem a little incoherent - my 3 kids kept me up most of the night I am barely functioning.

Long time no see! lol

pfSense logs should be able to give you a record of wan dropouts as it should be set up to keep latency and down stats. For speeds, I’m sure someone will have a better idea than I, but I’d set up a cron job using iperf between two sources and log everything.

3 kids, at least you have a good shot of getting cared for in old age, so that’s worth being incoherent at times. :wink:

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Ok cool, I’ll have to check out the logs when I get home or at some point over the weekend. I was thinking of creating a Cron job with iperf but hoping for a better solution - I’ll wait and see if anyone else has any other ideas.
Cheers for the advice

There is a perfect solution for that, go to Status -> Monitoring, choose traffic and then pick the right network interface.

Like so:

You could also spin up a Zabbix VM (or docker container) to get more detailed traffic statistics in one place (in case there is more than 1 pfSense box).

For example: