Download speed low with pfSense

Good afternoon pfSense forum users,

My problem is the following:

My download is fine, but the problem is the 1 MB upload.
If I access my NAS outside my network and want to download a file, I get the speed of 1 MB.

The configuration is as follows:
ODIDO fiber optic 1000/1000
Protectli VP4630 – 6 Port Intel:registered: i3 with 6x Intel I225-V Rev. B3 2.5G Ethernet, RJ-45.
With pfSense 2.7.2-RELEASE (amd64) installed
It is a standard installation, no options checked or unchecked and no packages installed.

Have used different options (Synology Quickconnect and Tailscale installed on the Synology).
Can someone help me increase the upload to the speed you would expect with a 1000/1000 fiber optic connection.
When I do a speed test (Ookla) I get the values below.

Thanks in advance for the help.
Yours sincerely,

You don’t say what device you are using to connect back to your home network. 1MB might be right.

Personally I would setup an openVPN Remote Access Server on pfSense and then install the client on your device. If you have a friend and a laptop, I would connect your laptop with the openVPN client to their network and see what speeds you get over ethernet.

I would use the remote access options on your NAS as a secondary choice and your router as your primary.

You can use your mobile to see what speeds you get but hard to trouble shoot anything on a phone.