Dodgy Unifi AP-AC-Lite

Hi Guys, has anyone else had issues with AP-AC-Lites? I’ve got three unifi AP’s on this network of different types. One is an AP-AC-LIte and it is causing some really odd issues.

Every so often, traffic just stops on anything connected to it. If I unplug it, the hosts connect to one of the other two AP’s and off they go.

I’ve tried resetting it, several times, re-adopting it and it works fine for awhile (anything from a few days to a few minutes) and then it will block all of the traffic again.

Any ideas, or is it just a bad unit?

We rarely have had a bad unit, but it does happen. Check all the cabling first including plugging it in right next to the switch with a short cable to see if it quits.

There might be a couple of problems here.

I plugged a second AC-Lite (the other one on the network) into the injector and had the same thing happen, AP came up, but no traffic was passing. I then plugged the first AP directly into the poe switch and everything seemed to come good. This morning I discovered that clients corrected to this AP were dropping connections pretty constantly, so I switched them again (this time into the switch directly) and all is now good (although I’m down an AP).

So, seems there is an issue with either the injector, the cabling, the switch and/or the AP for the original location. Not sure if its worth trying to work out what is actually broken here, but will see how time goes.

I just upgraded firmware of all UAPs to 5.60.9 and had quite a time keeping devices connected.
Hadn’t had any problems until the upgrade. I’ve since downgraded to 5.43.x and we’ll see how it goes.