Documenting a new client - In or Out of Scope

Hello Guys,

Our agreement with one of our clients does not specify documenting all of the client’s infrastructure and applications: IT Environment Documentation, for short.

Is our agreement out of normal services scope or I should bill it as out of scope.


I am not clear on your question, your agreement can be what ever you and the client agree to.

Tks Tom.

The agreement doesn’t specify documenting the existing IT environment.


Essentially, if I touch it, I document it. It will only make your work easier in the future. Also, if it’s on the network, I notate that it’s there, and what it is. If DHCP with Dynamic IP addresses that aren’t reserved/static, then I notate the MAC address of the device from a network scan. any network scanning tool can do this.

That being said, any documentation you make to manage a client’s system… well, you may need to talk to a lawyer for your specific area about this, but in my own example, if it’s not strictly included in the SOW/Agreement, then I don’t include it. I would then charge the customer a fee to compile all my notes, etc. into a runbook in order to handover any requested information. Any information you hand over, be sure to keep a second copy, signed by the POC so they can’t say you’re withholding their information…

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