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Currently using Hudu for our documentation. @LTS_Tom Are you still using MediaWiki? Hows it now working with VE? Updated video?

I like Hudu, and I like MW… the only thing I cant seem to fathom is Conditional Logic, for example as IT people we document many things… in Hudu if I want to document a printer it will give the same ‘Asset Layout’ as it would a server, which includes a whole load of wasted info I dont need… DHCP Scope, or Active Directory stuff - dont need that for A Printer. It would be nice if Hudu or MW had some sort of logic here where you could select ‘Type is Printer’ and you get a printer layout or ‘Type is Firewall’, youd get a layout that would include NAT and Firwewall bits you could document.

It would be nice if Hudu or MW would have some sort of Conditional logic, sure you could use templates but if you could do it as above, a drop down or a tick box that would create / change to the logic needed would be very helpful.

Hows everyone laying out their docuemtnation? it needs to have logic, be intuitive and be easy or it becomes a chore and staff wont do it… or will do it with half the effort.


For now we are still using MediaWiki, it’s very manual, no real drop downs, just us creating structured data and using the Visual Editor.

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Cool are you going to do an updated video? I have heard that VE is now built into the installation of MediaWiki. Is there a specific installer to use to get that? Is it a certain script?

I might check it out.


It’s built in now, nothing special you have to do as it’s just part of the install. Not sure if I will do an updated video.

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