Documentation for new and current infrastructure

Hey Tom,

How do you and Jason document all new client/current infrastructure and Server racks and etc. I would love to see the process in a video or a generic document so I can use that as a template and build off of it.

For the business side we use for my lab I just have spreadsheet with Server Name / Location / IP / URL to service running

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I am not up to date on it but there are automated ways to do that - from what I remember check_mk has such a feature - it itself is a monitoring system which can give you a graphical overview of your datacenter or racks as well.

I don’t use yet, but lots of people like Netbox NetBox Documentation which looks nice.

Netbox is excellent for keeping track of a complex network.

I set it up at home but haven’t brought it to work yet, we’re using ITGlue there. It works but yuck, Kaseya. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes: