Document showing differences between Ubuntu 19.10 and POPos 19.10

This is more a conversation started because i am curious not an issue per say, Does anyone know of a place i can see the differences in stock Ubuntu 19.10 when compared to stock POPos 19.10 aside from cosmetic differences?

I am running both in a VM with identical resources (1 CPU 1 Core, 4gb of ram, 30gb VHD) on the same hypervisor yet POPos is so much snappier and quicker. I can see why Tom likes it better than stock Ubuntu but i am not able to see what is causing this difference and given my Linux knowledge is still growing i am not really sure i am adept enough to comb both install notes and compare feature sets unless its something major I.E kernel version.

Jay LaCroix from Learnlinux tv had an interview with one of the developers of Pop OS, and he shed some information about what makes it different. It may not answer all your questions, and isn’t in a tidy comparison matrix, but it may answer some.

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I will check that out I am always trying to learn I just feel a noticeable difference between the two and can’t quite figure out what’s different

When Jay was still recording at my office her did a video on that topic. :slight_smile:


Are you using just vanilla Ubuntu? It may be a Gnome3 thing. It’s hard sometimes to separate the distribution from the installed Desktop Environment. I’m curious if you installed Ubuntu Mate or another lighter flavor of Ubuntu if you would find it just as subjectively quick.

Nope just out of the “box” install with default options

Does he work for u or did he just borrow ur studio

Jay just used my studio until he had one of his own.

Thank you guys for the wealth of information it appears the TLDR is that System76 did far more optimization then Cannonical on just about every aspect.

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