Docker in Xen Orchestra with XCP-ng

I haven’t been able to find any way to do this in XCP-ng yet. Has anyone been able to get this working?

I have not done any testing, but it should work the same way.

The commands for Xen don’t appear to have an XCP equivalent. Could I use the 7.2 Xen plugin in XCP-ng 7.6?

BTW, thanks for personally responding. Your YouTube videos are always extremely informative.

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I’ve made some progress with these instructions:

I did a fresh install of XCP-ng 7.5 and installed xscontainer using yum:

yum install xscontainer

Downloaded the latest CoreOS iso from and copied to my local ISO SR.

However, I haven’t gotten the containers to show up properly in Xen Orchestra. I’ll post updates as I progress.

Finally having some time to revisit this, but not completely working.

The following needs to be run in the Docker VM (I’m using Ubuntu, haven’t moved to CoreOS yet):

apt-get install nmap

Then run this command in Dom0 of XCP-ng host:

xscontainer-prepare-vm -v UUID -u DOCKERUSER

Xen and XCP-ng Center see the Docker integration now, but won’t list the Containers.


I don’t know why it worked, but it worked! I removed Portainer from the VM and just added the Portainer agent. For some reason the containers magically started showing up in XCP-ng Center and Xen Orchestra.

I’m trying to get this working as well, I’ve jumped straight to CoreOS but am not having any luck. Did you get it working with CoreOS? I followed your instructions to install xscontainer. I also tried the xscontainer-prepare-vm but I get an error related to login, I believe it’s related to creating an SSH key for the CoreOS VM. In creating a CoreOS VM, I never see the Cloud Config panel as described in

Thanks for any help.

I hadn’t tried with CoreOS again. It gave me so much trouble that I went back to the old familiar Ubuntu setup.