Docker in Xen Orchestra with XCP-ng

I haven’t been able to find any way to do this in XCP-ng yet. Has anyone been able to get this working?

I have not done any testing, but it should work the same way.

The commands for Xen don’t appear to have an XCP equivalent. Could I use the 7.2 Xen plugin in XCP-ng 7.6?

BTW, thanks for personally responding. Your YouTube videos are always extremely informative.

I’ve made some progress with these instructions:

I did a fresh install of XCP-ng 7.5 and installed xscontainer using yum:

yum install xscontainer

Downloaded the latest CoreOS iso from and copied to my local ISO SR.

However, I haven’t gotten the containers to show up properly in Xen Orchestra. I’ll post updates as I progress.