Do you really need an RMM?

If you have a separate Online/Local backup solution, Remote Access, and Nextgen AV with dashboard and Windows Patching do you really need an RMM tool?

A couple of useful things with RMM is automating tasks for remediation and bricking a system.


Honestly, after using msp360 backup, I decided to try their RMM tool. It’s good enough. The patching isn’t great, but it does the job. And the price is damn nice.

My RMM is for when my remote access tool stops working :smiley:

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It really depends of if you want to scale your company with people or with tools that make that easier. We are using NinjaOne and having everything integrated into one dashboard allows us to manage over 70 separate companies without as large of a staff if we did things manually.

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If you have 10 machines to check no, you don’t. If you have a few dozens, yes it is a must.

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As you grow you’ll find a desire to move towards fewer panes of glass to manage everything. Going HERE, and going THERE, and going ELSEWHERE and going yet ANOTHER PLACE to go manage things that can be done all in one stop…gets to be a pain.

I like asset management, health/remediation, scripting, multiple remote methods, managed AV and alerts, managed patching, lots of various reports, helpdesk, and PSA tied to our various billing resources…all in one stop.

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