DNS Server in Samba Domain Controller: PTR Record Bug

Has anyone encountered a bug where there is a record that reads something like 172.20.**30.30.**2 or 172.20.**1.1.**1?

I have a screenshot to demonstrate the problem:


My workaround is to create individual reverse zones instead of the main 172.20.x.x reverse zone.


With that said, did I just found a bug within the Samba 4 AD DC? Do note that 172.20.30.x is a /23 network for the purposes of running a virtual machine network. I have a virtual machine that runs a web server that has an IP address starting from to

My goal is to have all the PTR records listed in the single 20.172.in-addr.arpa zone, but as seen in the second screenshot, I had to work around this bug/issue.