DNS query between two pfSense Firewalls

I want to be able to query between both of my pfSense firewalls. But I can’t seem to figure out how I can do that other than having to manually add Host Overrides in my DNS Resolver. And I really don’t want to do that for every single host. And DNS Forwarder does not appear to be the option I want. Plus it didn’t work when I tried.

So, how do I query DNS from Firewall B to Firewall A and vice versa? Is there an easy way to do this?

I’m not aware of any synchronisation functions in pfSense in order to replicate configs over multiple independent pfSense boxes. But I guess you could setup a cronjob and rsync the config file from one box to the other. Or maybe you could use one box as the upstream DNS resolver for the other but I don’t know if that is feasable for your specfic environment.

I don’t want to sync, I just want to go upstream and downstream. But now that you mention it, there might be a way to do that.

Pfsense has a domain search override. I have this set up and query things based of domain names. If a domain name is somethingrandom.lab, my firewall will query the other firewall for any hosts such as hosta.somethingrandom.lab.

Yeah, it’ll query by domain but not by IP. Domain Override is an A/quad-A record, Host Override is a PTR record. Sure the Domain Override works in this instance, it won’t do a reverse lookup unless you add a Host Override.

What’s the use case for that? I am curious on why you would need reverse lookups. Are you running mail servers?

Game servers but future potential use cases are web hosting, DB servers, mail servers, and VOIP.