Dns problems................what is this 15 car thing grrr

I have a vm with 2 nic’s one in a server vlan and one in iot vlan. How do i tell pfsense to only use iot ip for things in that vlan? And how do I tell pfsense to use the server vlan ip for everyone else?

I haven’t a clue what you’re asking. DNS? Car thing? What are you trying to tell pfSense?

I trying to telling pfsense to only resolve the domain name of things on iot vlan only to that vlan. And all other vlans get the ip from the server vlan. aka if im on the lan vlan i dont want to get the ip from the iot vlan for a hostname.

I don’t think that’s possible with Unbound, at least in pfSense. You can restrict which networks or even individual hosts can query the DNS server, but you cannot limit certain entries to specific clients. There is only one database of DNS entries that gets used for all clients.

Thanx for you time. I will have to look into other ways to fix this.

What are you trying to accomplish by using a different dns for the vlan?

There is no other DNS server. It all runs thru pf-sense. What i was trying to do is have pf-sense tell things on the iot vlan to give things on that vlan the iot address. All other vlans would get the IP for the server vlan.

You can do that in bind. But I doubt this feature is available in pfsense, so you’d have to setup a bind server in a container or vm.

I have this setup in my home office and I ran it in two large organization before. I believe bind calls this feature split dns now, but I think it was called something else before. In my config it is a “view”. I can help more if you really want to venture down this road.