DNS and Gateway Groups

Hello all. I have a Netgate pfSense router and I have configured multiple WAN’s. 1 is Comcast Business, while the other is a backup cellular device.

I have also set up a Gateway Group with the respective tiers.

Finally, I set up a firewall rule (and alias of IP’s) allowing all of my devices that need internet (my wife’s PC, Laptop’s and iPHone as well as a few of my devices) to use the new Gateway Group for the Gateway.

This works well, in fact the WAN1 (Comcast) went down due to area maintenance just now and I am currently on the WAN2 (the Backup WAN) due to the Gatway Group and Firewall Rules.

The ONLY issue that I have is that I would like for my pfSense router to change where it gets the DNS results from WAN1 to WAN2 for all users because I want my router to be my internal DNS Provider to my LAN’s.

For the DNS, what can I do? I have tried to set up a firewall rule for port 53 on my LAN’s to use the same gateway group, but that yielded no success.

Thank you in advanced!

I ended up setting the system default to the backup internet, but then added policy based routing in all of the rules.