DNS Adult Filtering Compared : Cloudflare vs OpenDNS


I used Tom’s script to test the adult filtering of Cloudflare for Families and OpenDNS FamilyShield



ns1_ip='' # Google reference
ns2_ip='' # Cloudflare for Families
ns3_ip='' # OpenDNS FamilyShield

echo "Domain name, $ns1_ip,$ns2_ip,$ns3_ip "
echo "Domain name, $ns1_ip,$ns2_ip,$ns3_ip " > text1.csv
for domain in `cat $domain_list`
    ip1=`dig @$ns1_ip +short $domain |tail -n1`;
    ip2=`dig @$ns2_ip +short $domain |tail -n1`;
    ip3=`dig @$ns3_ip +short $domain |tail -n1`;
	echo -en "$domain,$ip1,$ip2,$ip3\n"
        echo -en "$domain,$ip1,$ip2,$ip3\n" >> text1.csv

My base blocklist is from University of Toulouse (France) blocklist and contains ~4M entries.

I have then extracted 20k random entries with

shuf -n 20000 adult_full.txt >> domains.txt

Blank returns are out of the calculations, I do blocked x100/(20000-blank)

The result seem a bit low but after doing some deep dive into the list it self, it seem that ~20% of the list (the source and my random 20k) is .blogspot. wich are barely never blocked, but a lot of them contain real p0rn.

So there is an issue with blogspot, but I did the math again after removing all .blogspot. from my result output with :

sed -i '/.blogspot./d' ./source_noblogspot.csv

4639 domains remains and I have now 56% Blocked for Cloudflare and 69% Blocked for OpenDNS
(I can’t upload more that one file sorry)

Hope that help !

Up :slight_smile:
If anyone have some direct contact with Cloudflare to know why they dont block any “hard” blogspot.

Or any feedback on this test.