DL360p G8 - Longer SAS Cables

Hi Folks - I have an old DL360p G8 that I want to install xcp-ng. The built in p420i RAID controller can be flashed to IT mode however it cannot boot from the controller. (Not that I really want to use the p420i - don’t really trust it for IT mode…). I do have an IBM M1015 card that I used for TruNAS that I would like to use. However, the SAS cables aren’t long enough. Does anyone know of a good source for Mini-SAS SFF-8087 to SFF-8087 Left Exit Cables? Seems to need to be 1m in lenght.


I stole mine from my pile of parts. I’ve always known these as Multi-Lane cables, not as SAS cables. I’m seeing some hits but not as many as I thought I should.

Thanks! Funny how something like this is so hard to find…

Found it https://www.amazon.com/10Gtek-Internal-SFF-8087-Sideband-0-5-Meter/dp/B017CO6JRO?th=1
They list several lengths and 10gtek seems to make decent stuff. But no sideways right angles, they did show an upwards facing right angle that might help.

Look for Supermicro cables too, they often build them out of small SATA cables for better routing.