Display device using WiFi in proper Network

I am trying to get a WiFi Media Center [VLAN 60] device, the Amazon FireStick, to show up in the proper VLAN of (60)? The FireStick connects to the Guest NANO - HD (VLAN 30) and displays that it is connected to the Guest (30). Is there a way to have it connect to Guest WiFi (30) and have it operating out of the Media Center (60)? All the hard wired Media Center devices are connected to VLAN Media Center (60), using a Flex-Mini and display as Media Center (60). I have tried a few things, but was unsuccessful.


Arris SBG7600AC2 (Cable Modem - Bridged Mode)
UDM-Pro (1) [1.10.0]
USW-Pro-24-POE (1) [5.64.8]
UNVR (1) - [1.4.9]Protect [1.18.0]
G4 Bullet Cameras (12)

Based on it’s MAC address you ought to be able to apply a static IP from your router, then set the device to DHCP.

Wouldn’t the Wi-Fi SSID you’re connecting to in the Fire stick have to be assigned to VLAN 60?

It is appearing that I am going to have to purchase a NANO-HD for each of the specific VLAN’s that I want to have specific fire wall rules for (Guest, Media Center, IoT). It is hard to believe that I cannot assign a Media Center IP to the Fire Stick and have the Guest NANO-HD pass it through as a Media Center device and have it follow the Media Center Firewall rules. If I try to assign the Fire Stick a Media Center IP (60) the setup does not allow and stops you. $$$

That doesn’t sound right, are you sure you can’t have multiple SSiDs on your access point ??

The nanoHD, as all of the other Unifi APs, supports multiple SSIDs. These are centrally configured for each site and can then be turned off and on a per-AP basis should you need it. Each SSID can be set to route to a different VLAN.

Another approach would be to use MAC-based VLAN. You need a Radius server for that, but it seems the UDM Pro has one built in (I don’t have one myself so I can’t confirm). Using MAC-based VLAN, you can setup a table of MAC addresses and VLAN IDs that a device with that MAC address is put in.

You are all correct. I believe I saw that they have multiple SSID capabilities. I will check into that tonight.

No, the APs can handle multiple VLANs, you just have to either assign the different SSIDs to a group, or allow all SSIDs and VLANs through to all APs (which is the default). If you have specific SSIDs assigned each to their specific VLAN, when you sign on the Fire Stick to the desired SSID, it will obtain a DHCP lease from that VLAN’s configured pool. You may be missing some basic understanding of how VLANs work.