Disk Imaging / backup from notebook

Anyone have a recommendation for backing up of a employee notebook?

The notebook comes into office for a hour or less each day, we need to back up all files in multiple directory locations including C: program files directories in short its scattered across the whole disk

up front I would like a image of the disk as whole

Needs to be manually run as I do not want to tie up the computer with a automatic task that would impact his use of the computer during a sync.

Target drive would be a synology disk station with lots of free space.

Open source or free is preferred


Hi Jerry,

Clonezilla might be worth a shot. It looks like you can create a live CD or USB stick.


Good luck,

You might want to consider some virtualisation solutions that do physical2virtual conversions. For sure vmware has this solution.

If you have a Synology I would recommend using their built in back up

Synology Active Backup for Business is really good. I also hear it can be made to work over the internet with some port forwarding but I haven’t tried that yet.