Discourse Config

Hello @LTS_Tom How are you, sir? I just wanted to drop by and let you know how much enjoy and have learned from your videos / posts. I appreciate what you do. I just recently discovered your forums. I run a Discourse site also. I really like the way you have your forum setup and was wondering if you would be so kind as to share your configs? Thanks in advance for any info you may provide.


Thanks but it’s all standard setup except I added this to widen the site a bit:

.topic-body {
   width: 1490px    /* this adjusts the post body default was 690 */

This must be the reason why the mobile version is off. I wondered if there were any changes because I didn’t recall having to scroll to the right to view posts.

I was looking for more info on what’s up with the “non mobile version.” Seems the added width removed the ability to auto scale down for mobile. Any apps out there to view the forum on mobile?

I am open to suggestions, if not I will have to see if there is an option to get the system to not make it wider for mobile.

Hmm need that discourse guru to help out here. Even in the discourse mobile app on iOS it doesn’t reformat so you have to scroll as well.