Digital Signage

Does anyone have any recommendations for Digital Signage hardware/software?

I’m looking for something like ScreenCloud (, but I just stumbled upon that service after a quick search, so I’m not sure if there’s anything better/less expensive out there that anyone has used.

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This works well


We use digital displays screen from ProSigns. It’s reasonably priced, has a nice finished look,and does everything we need it to (videos, pdf’s, Web pages, etc).

You can try using chrome boxes and google apps. Points to a webpage that folks drop pictures onto or anything else. Easy management, and I haven’t had to touch a single box in almost a year and a half.

I used a raspberry pi zero W and set it up to pull a google slide presentation. Configure in a zerotier network for remote access and then you have a plug an play digital sign that you can update anytime and remotely administer.

Essentially its running chrome in Kiosk mode so you could pull up anything you like. If you don’t have access to the internet you could pull up a local file instead, as long as it opens in chrome.

I use pisignage for some time and I am happy using it.

Almost the same here, the only downside that sometimes RP4 just heats up and freezes, even with the cooling fan at max.
I did a lot of tweaks on the RaspiOS and more, still VLC and MK4 on a Raspberry and for from smooth.
Maybe I am missing something. Oh, hardware acceleration is enable, I learned that VLC for ARM with some codecs missing.

instead of a full GUI Setup have a look at a raspbian console installation with omxplayer.

Hello gents!
First, I apologize for the thread piggybacking. I tend to save space, even in virtual environment.
I tried solutions form PiSignage and YoDeck, as I foresee a scalable solcution needed for rapid expension of numbers of screens and ease of management.
But I still haven’t quite decided yet between these two. Main reason is dual screen support.
On Yodeck, it’s clear. Their model businnes is centered on a 1player+1screen solution. Maybe I am wrong here, of someone can chime in, all the better.
On the PiSignage side still not so clear.