Diagrams.net as a local portable application?

Does anyone know if Diagrams.net can be made as a portable application? Even better if it worked with the PortableApps framework. Yes, the cloud is wonderful, until it isn’t. That is to say, it’s great until you start having an internet issue. I have Spectrum as my ISP at home, and they have lots of intermittent outages and no people you can actually call and try to get things fixed. There are only so many times you can reboot your modem and check the signal strength to see that you have plenty of signal, yet no service.

And if there were other ISP options, I’d have one of them running.

So back to portable apps, and Diagrams.net specifics. I have a project for work that I need to document before construction, and I’d like to be able to have this application, offline and wherever I might be working (home, office, classroom, etc.). PortableApps has Dia, but Dia hasn’t really been updated in a very long time and Diagrams,net has many nice symbols already created. I’ve used Dia and can make it work, just wanted something better.

You could just install it locally see Release 16.5.1 · jgraph/drawio-desktop · GitHub

I do see a no-installer which should do what I need, I didn’t see that option when I looked at the website.